In November, rest is the fulfillment of everything. Perhaps not everyone knows, in fact, that from a purely agronomic point of view the years begin to be scanned from this month and not from January: nature, in fact, has its conventions and does not care what man thinks.
Thus, in November, the wine begins to lie in the cellar. After the enormous effort of birth, after the tempestuous fermentations, it finally declares its essence. It’s resting, surrounded by silence, driven by time and kept intact by low temperatures, that the wine reveals its identity card.
Waiting for the phase of the waning moon, taking advantage of the positive lunar flow that favors the sedimentation of the dregs, the wines are decanted, “put to clean” as they say in the jargon. This is the moment that marks the beginning of the rest phase: the wines are put into aging in wooden barrels, and unlike the vinification phase – where, as for a child, the attentions are daily, anxious – they become teenagers and quickly autonomous.
Meanwhile, in the countryside, one of the most beautiful and fascinating works is completed: the planting of the green manure.
In agriculture the most important principle is the preservation of soil fertility. At Poggio del Moro, we know how necessary it is to respect it and preserve its sacredness. In fact, it is fundamental for every farmer to respect the land and bequeath to future generations rich lands at least like those he received as a gift, if possible better.
The green manure? It is a fantastic technique, indispensable food to obtain fruitful fruit. It is the medium that acts as a natural propellant for a cycle that every year offers enchantment and emotions for all the senses.
Through the planting of particular essences such as favino, la, canola, mustard, sainfoin, rocket and many others, the soil is enriched with microflora and nutrients in a crazy way. All this – foundation and pride of the work at Poggio del Moro – without lifting a finger, without using fertilizers, without disturbing the balance of nature. This is really a technique that makes those who practice it proud. So the land, after the exploitation of the season, after feeding the plants we love so much, after having once again given us his generosity, rightly rests and we cuddle him with the gift that he likes, the friendly plants that embrace him, they caress it and make it nourish back.