We are following the lead of nature - taking care of everything but not pushing it!

Our vineyards occupy 14 hectares: 12 of which are planted with the red grapes varieties – Sangiovese, Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Nero, and the remaining 2 with the white grape – Trebbiano Procanico, Grechetto, Malvasia Toscana. The vineyards have been planted following the natural profile of our hills, without any mixing of the soil profiles: we just use a ripper for preparing the soil for planting. This is why our vineyards are divided into 10 main plots, 7 of them surrounding a small lake.





merlot foglia



Cabernet Sauvignon



pinot nero f

Pinot Nero


Malvasia Toscana

trebbiano foglia

Trebbiano Procarico

Magnificent Exposition of the Vineyards

The vineyards are divided into 10 main plots, 7 of them surrounding a small lake. Each rootstock was planted according to its proper soil and climatic exposition requirements: the wind rose and the specific orientation in relation to sunlight, wich in turn enambles the grapes to catch maxium sun during the day and all breezes during the night. That’s why Poggio del Moro grapes achieve the best ripeness possibile for these lands and climatic conditions. We have named our vineyards according to their exposition:
“morning vineyard”, “noon vineyard” and “afternoon vineyard”.

Picked by hand
Each harvest is picked by hand – each vineyard is managed under constant supervision of a specialist to insure that the grapes are harvested at the perfect phenolic and aromatic ripe to bring into the wines their best: fruit, body, roundness, and aftertaste.

Eco friendly defense
We have started tasting the viticulture potential of our vineyards with natural management of the soil, with an eco friendly defense against pests, never treating against insects and wild grass with chemical products!

From old sea
Soil of Poggio al Moro came from Plicocenic time – they mosytly consist of sand from an old sea, tufo with various fractions of clay. In this combination, sand contributes to grape’s special freshness and flavor, whereas clay influences their to strength and colour.