Tradition accompanied by the agronomic and oenological art of the future!

Nowadays Poggio del Moro winery is a modern, well-equipped winery with a luxury comfortable tasting room and a small inner shop where we are proud to welcome our guests.

Traditional beauty and innovative functions

From the road you see just a piece of old style façade’ set deep into an olive groove hill and hidden by cypresses along the path to the world of our wines.
The winery is located in the underground building of 1 200 sq. m. made in classic architectural style. All movementes of the wines are made using peristalic pums to obtain a kindle job, without any eating or pressing the wines. The production is located mostly in the underground to optimize energy consumption, but outside there is an inner yard, which combines traditional beauty with the operational functions.

Silence and time

Our wines grow up in an ageing room built by using an old bricks hidden in the deepest part to give the wines all what is needed during aging: silence, time and low temperature changes. Revert attitude makes Poggio del Moro wines so unsurpassable in their aroma, resembling concentrated freshness of local air.
In the times of Bonci Casuccine the cellar was in a simple building used for agricultural purposes of the main estate, but it would have been a crime not to re-equipp it and make a new, modern winery. This task has finally been accomplished. Now Poggio del Moro works hard to take the leading positions among Tuscan wineries that are justly consider to be the best in Italy.