An experience that breaks the patterns of everyday life, to immerse yourself in an oasis where you can relax and satisfy the senses, starting from taste, passing through the sense of smell and hearing, without forgetting touch and sight. Let’s talk about a guided tour of Poggio del Moro, accompanied by a tasting of our award-winning wines, along with refined products at zero km. In the heart of the authentic Tuscan countryside, where the landscape gives back sensations of peace and beauty, you will find a way to carve out a space for personal relaxation, necessary to take your breath away from the hectic pace and stress of everyday life.



But Poggio del Moro means more. Beyond the enchantment of the lush hills, the rows that extend as far as the eye can see and the nature that thrives, the real protagonists are the fruits of our daily work. Starting with the prestigious wines that we offer during tastings, loved by wine lovers all over the world and, in particular, by the juries of the most important prizes in the sector.
A journey through the taste that will be enhanced by the choice of zero-km products to match the glasses, for an unforgettable experience.

Think: in front of an enchanting view, you can try a multi award-winning red wine like the Rasea Igt Toscana, made 100% with Sangiovese grapes; the fresh and engaging rosé Igt Toscana Galio, our white Ivole, which recalls an intense and long-lasting hint of wild flowers and many others. Our professionals will recommend the best combinations with local meats, meats and cheeses. Without forgetting the possibility of trying our other quality products, like oil and jams.



Not only that: by entrusting you to our experts, you can immerse yourself in a guided tour of our vineyards, the cellar and the olive grove. Together with them, you will know the characteristics of the terrain, the techniques used, the peculiarities of the single rows and much more.
The experiences you can do will be many and varied, sewn on your needs. Taste the new vintages in preview, taste 6 different wines and also our seasonal oil. Try to combine them with our Cinta Senese and local cheeses of high quality. Let an actor guide you on a journey through the history of the vineyard and the territory. Book a unique evening to celebrate a special occasion, or stop for dinner in this magical place, served by our chefs.

Discover all the individual modes of experience and choose the one that’s right for you! Come on: