The 2018? For Poggio del Moro it has been a year full of satisfactions.
A year that has brought us dowry results, international awards, distinguished guests and, above all, many quality products.
Like our wine, of course, that does not stop giving us joy: during this year we have witnessed an increasing demand from users who are experts in the sector and not, all curious and fascinated by its unique characteristics. We have received many visits within our Boutique Winery: guided tours with our experts, targeted tastings, moments of authentic well-being and relaxation … who came to visit the Estate and the Cellar was “pampered” to the smallest detail, wrapped from the sense of beauty expressed by a landscape without comparison and the feeling of comfort and luxury that emerges from our rooms.



It was a year of intense work, 2018. Of careful and diligent preparation, of scrupulous selection of the best grapes by hand, during the harvest, and of rest of the wines in our Cellar, a unique in Tuscany for its ability to conjugate the strength of tradition and high technology.
It was also a year of prizes: the list of national and international awards for our wines is getting longer every day. Prestigious awards, come from juries formed by the leading experts in the field, which fill us with pride. A work also embellished by prestigious invitations on scenarios of the highest level: we did taste our wines – among many – at the Italian Embassy in Vienna, at an important Rotary Club and, icing on the cake, the great tenor Andrea Bocelli.



A year of effort and rewards, therefore. But we do not intend to stop on the most beautiful: after a decade of life, Poggio del Moro is increasingly a consolidated reality, but still enormous potential, in the wonderful world of wine. The road to 2019 is already drawn: continue to follow it with us!