Each Cellar jealously guards its best products, passing them down and perfecting them generation after generation.

This is also true of Poggio del Moro, naturally. Because in the midst of an authentic triumph of quality, we can say that our red wines can distinguish themselves under different profiles.



Certainly they are extremely appreciated by occasional visitors and regular buyers, but also highly qualified international juries that, around the world, do not fail to highlight the remarkable level reached by these unique products.

Thus, just like rare gems, our three red wines open up to the surrounding world, giving us very pleasant sensations and becoming healthy carriers of happiness.

Starting with the award-winning RASEA, the iconic Super Tuscan red wine, produced exclusively with Sangiovese grapes. To do this we carefully select the best berries from our historic vineyards. This wine shows a soft but direct approach and at the same time represents a timeless classic, thanks to its nuanced spices: dry tobacco, cinnamon and a pinch of toasted coffee beans. All fascinating and deep flavors that are perfectly wrapped in an elegant and refined frame of black cherry and raspberry. Rasea reveals a fascinating balance and presents itself to the mature and complex palate, thanks to its particular and noble tone. The firm tannins embody the earthy crescendo that widens and evolves, while the wine unfolds delicately, lingering on a long and tasty finish.This important red wine is very similar to a work of art: tasting it, you can really try an immersive experience in the authentic Tuscan Terroir. A wine, the Rasea, made 100% with Sangiovese grapes, in a vineyard that sinks its roots into a soil composed of sand, clay and a light fraction of silt.

From old Europe to Asia, Rasea has received many awards from important international juries, which demonstrate its remarkable quality. Falling in love with this wine is simple, to do without it practically impossible: exceptionally convenient, it is ready to inspire and inspire anyone who chooses it.


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