The usual sweater with the reindeer? A pair of red socks? A heavy pile of pajamas? Maybe not. Because, you know, changing your Christmas taste is not an impossible undertaking at all! Especially if, under the tree or the classic dinner, choose to surprise bringing a bottle of fine wine with you. And perhaps award-winning by the prestigious juries that preside over the main international prizes of the sector. In short, a Poggio del Moro wine.

To give one of our wines at Christmas means to make a choice based on personality, which brings with it a cascade effect of positive emotions. Escaping the banality and the superfluous, giving wine will offer an experience, a memory and an inimitable pleasure. The gift of wine, in fact, does not end with the opening of the package. Those who receive it can think of sharing it at the table, strengthening the union and tearing the smiles of the guests, or they can choose to keep it to celebrate a special occasion. Thus, by donating a bottle of wine, you will know that you are giving a tailor-made, inimitable experience as unique as the life of the recipient.
Of course, with the award-winning products of Poggio del Moro you can always be sure to stand out in a universe of monotony, but finding out about the preferences of the people you care about could be useful. In any case, in our Cellar you will find the answer to your every wish. Like red wine, our iconic Rasea, made 100% with Sangiovese grapes. Like the Bianco Toscana Igp, which with its lively taste will awaken in you the sense of summer, even with the snow tapping at the window. Or like our rosé, an intense journey through a coral-colored elixir, enveloped in the taste of plum. But the possibilities do not end here: you can also make a center with a classic sweet wine, like our Chianti Colli Senesi, but if you prefer to jump in the most relevant Russian tradition – considering the climate – we suggest you try Kagor, our liqueur wine . Also, do you know that we can also find traditional and invigorating grappa, with a fresh and delicate aroma?

Made exclusively with environmentally friendly techniques, grown in accordance with the tradition that meets the most innovative technologies, derived from vineyards that sink their roots in a land of incomparable properties, within a microclimate in its own right. That’s why, by giving away a Poggio del Moro wine for Christmas, you will donate an experience destined to remain unforgettable!