Rosso Toscana I.G.P.

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The vineyard: “vigneto del mattino”.
Blend: 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot, 25% Syrah, 25% Sangiovese.
Age of the vines: 9-10 years.
Orientation of the vines: est/sud – est.
Soil type: sand (79%), clay (15%) e light loam (6%).
Density of planting: 5 000 per ha.
Height above sea level: 335-365 meters above sea level
Per hectare yield: 50 Hl/Ha.
Manuring: Manure and green manure techniques.
Holistic agricultural practice.
Winemaking: The grapes are hand picked and placed in boxes then further selected by hand on the sorting table. Maceration lasts for 12 days at a controlled temperature of 25°C. Frequent pumping over of the must, gentle pressing and further aging in barriques and small oak barrels of between 2,25 – 5 Hl for 12 months. A further 6 months aging in stainless steel barrels and then another 6 months in the bottle.
Bottling: during the waning moons of June and July.
Production: 26.000 bottles.


Name of vineyard: morning vineyard.
Wind rose: east, south / east.
Grapes: merlot, syrah, sangiovese and cabernet sauvignon.
Soil type: sand (79%) with some clay (15%) and light silt (6%). Sand with fossils.
Plants for ha: 5 000.
Production per ha: 80 hl. 26.000 bottles/year.


Ripe, juicy grapes are picked and loaded into large casks, filling up each with no more than 10 kg. Berries are later carefully selected and destemmed with the help of a vibrating table. They are then being macerated for 12 days in a controlled environment, where the temperature doesn’t rise above 25°C and are continuously exposed to frequent bâtonnage.
Softly crushed and then placed into small oak barrels from 2,25 to 5 hl grapes are kept to mature for 6 - 8 months from October to December in stainless steel tanks, followed by 4 months of ageing in the bottle.


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The Young Spirit of The Tuscan Hills!

The best grapes of Poggio del Moro vineyards are blended into this dry red wine to broaden the incredible taste and build on the full, mosaic mouthfeel. The intense vivid purple colour of the vintage ROSSO TOSCANA convinces from the very first glance. The blend of Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah conveys a fruity-forward complexity to the nose, which unfolds with violet floral notes well-layered with cherry and plum jam, along with the mineral graphite, musk and a hint of black pepper. ROSSO TOSCANA shows a profound, luring consistency and a medium body palate with fresh, praiseworthy ripe juicy flavours wrapped into plum tannins. Tobacco, tealeaves and black cherry linger on a powerful, yet harmonious finish. It’s a rich, supple, reserved wine that embodies the time-honoured Tuscan terroir and at the same time is very modern, due to a flawlessly balanced performance between the fruitiness and oak in the mouth. ROSSO TOSCANA promises to evolve gracefully over the next 5 – 8 years.
Goes perfectly with red meat and Mediterranean kitchen. Best served at room temperature.

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