Grappa Toscana Riserva 5 years

5200  vat included

Category: estate selected young grappa.
Alcohol by volume: 42% Vol.
Original grape types: Syrah, Merlot, Sangiovese.
Description: Produced exclusively by the sediments of our own wines, the distillation is carried out by our master distiller who uses the traditional antique equipment known as ‘bagnomaria’.
The obtained wine marcs are worked within 24/48 hours to bring out the best of the aromas and the quality of the original grapes
Bottling: November/December after the harvest.

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Grappa is a unique Italian high proof drink basically made out of the leftovers from the wine production: berry rinds, seeds, and pulp. Trying to minimize the waste, wise Italian wine-makers of the IXth century decided to conduct an experiment, willing to give a second life to the leftovers by distilling them over and over again.
As a result, they achieved liquor of a thick, oily consistency, which being as saturated and strong as it is, immediately warmed the whole body even during bitter winter frosts. Very quickly Italian «fire water» stole hearts of the local peasants and gradually became well-known, emerging from the poor farmer houses into Royal Palaces.
Grappa has come a long way, having undergone many modifications in its recipe and manufacturing process and its undeniable triumph consists of the fact that nowadays grappa can be easily found in the menu of the most expensive restaurants all over the world. And it’s no wonder: its rich, fruity bouquet exhilarates with the crisp grape and its gentle taste lingers on a savory oaky finish. No gourmand can resist such temptation!

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