“PET NAT” Rosato frizzante I.G.T.

2000  vat included

The vineyard: Vigneto del mattino
Blend: Sangiovese 100%
Age of the vines: 11 years
Exposure of the vines: South-East
Soil type: sand (79%), clay (15%) and light loam (6%)
Density of inplant: 5.000 per ha
Elevation: 335-365 meters above sea level
Per hectare yield: 55 Hl/Ha
Manuring: manure and green manure techniques
Agricultural practice: holistic
Max. Production: 5.000 bottles

Grapes are handpicked before 10AM and are placed overnight in our cool underground “fruttaia” (room for drying grapes for Vinsanto).
The morning after, full clusters (not yet destemmed), staying at skin-contact are put in the press at room temperature until the desired colour is reached. The press is rotated to increase the extraction power and then the clusters (skin on) are finally pressed to let the micro-biome of vineyards flow into the must to spontaneously ignite the fermentation that starts after about 48 hours. Fermentation happens for approximately 30 days, slowed down by the naturally cool temperature of our underground winery.
The wine is bottled once the desired sugar levels are consistent around the full fermentation micro-biome.
This wine production method is a NATURAL ANCESTRAL ROSÉ METHOD, naturally sparkling with the full micro-biome: no filtration, no clarification, and no added sulphites.

The two Pet Nats: white and rosé, are the most recent additions to Poggio del Moro line, ready to inebriate you with enveloping scents that will transport you in a cool Tuscan autumn morning.
Our Rosé comes from our desire to share the lively exuberance of our Sangiovese and its bubbly vitality. It’s unparalleled: a unique creation without filters and additions. There is only a crown cap that holds back the joy of living; once free, it envelops you with its aromas of red fruit – fresh and candied. It’s an expression of its youth, with an effervescent, round, fruitful, and persistent palate. A little, unexpected party in the bottle and in your glass, with all the emotions of its terroir.

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