Vinsanto Chianti Colli Senesi

5200  vat included

Vinsanto – is a traditional Italian wine made by passito method, when grapes are being dried out for about 6 – 7 months prior to vinification to encourage a sweeter, more complex, concentrated and richer taste. Later, the pressed juice is kept to mature for 6 – 8 years in special stainless steel tanks, where it finds that ideal balance between sweetness and alcohol, and then is finally dispersed into the bottles, where it perfects, completing the fermentation process in one year time. As a result, we get a light, delicious dessert wine, which sparkles with golden flecks of Tuscan sunlight in the glass, radiating with a delightful bouquet of honey, peach, nuts, apricot and dried figs. Vinsanto's rounded, elegant taste of fruit and oak casts a magic spell on time, so you could experience its long, flourishing aftertaste in no hurry.

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