Luigi is the managing director of Poggio del Moro and spends his entire working day at the company, from morning until late evening. It is him, who monitors the production processes, taking care of keeping the manufacturing system busy and intact. His eyes therefore tell us about the global perspective he as a manager has on natural wonder that is Poggio del Moro.

He focuses on three main things: people, respect for the environment, and company growth.

People, like those he greets every day: the essence and drive of Poggio del Moro, expertly instructed by his careful, watchful hand throughout many years of of the estate’s existence.

The Environment, that marvelous ecosystem he studies every day: fruity, bright and flavorous, thanks to the choice of a holistic and ethical approach, which leaves free plants to develop in organic.

Finally, the Company Growth: under his eyes a series of quantitative data translates into concrete results. This enables him to further promote our unique territory from the enogastronomical and landscape point of view.