To tell a convincing story, one we must have lived it.

Tania – the mastermind, the drive, the beating heart of Poggio del Moro, succeeds in channeling the very soul of the estate. Her eyes? They tell a story of determination, talent and high professionalism.

Eyes that have witnessed many experiences, those of Tania.

Like the journey from Russia to Italy, in the name of wine and nothing but wine. A turning point, a new way of looking at what it means to be alive. And she found her purpose: now a god forgotten cellar that seemed to have been destined to oblivion has become a Boutique Winery of international importance. It is her, that gave life to the vineyard, now extending as far as the eye can see, caressed with the look of rape, juicy grapes, bunch after a bunch. She started small, but now – a true wine lover and experimentor, her ambitions are directed towards international growth. Tania – a believer, created something worthy not simply of the current eno-tendencies, but something that will be able to grow&progress for years and years on, for future generations. She says her secret to making it work: an honest position in everything – from construction to producing, to talking with clients, who really are friends. This is why you believe your eyes, when looking at Tanias’s: those full of sincerity and passion. It’s because she chose devotion: to the noble and ancient art of “making wine”, but in an ethical and innovative way – she is purely an artist, a creator of the greatest canvases – the greatest wines.