Today we talk about added values: we talk about our cellar. At Poggio del Moro we do not leave anything to improvisation: built with modern bricks, the aging room today represents a perfect mix between tradition and innovation. Tradition, because we wanted to recreate and re-evaluate the strength of a past that otherwise would be lost. Innovation, because this classic environment, which recalls the flavors of the past, contains within it the most sophisticated instruments, aimed at preserving the purity of our wines.



In fact, we believe that a winery that is rich from an architectural and technological point of view, equipped with an extremely cutting-edge processing area, represents the best way to enhance the raw materials coming from our vineyards. So, embraced in an underground heart of 1200 square meters, our grapes can ferment seconded by three essential elements: silence, time and low temperatures. We have chosen to convey the production mainly in the subsoil to optimize energy consumption, but outside a large courtyard is used, combining traditional beauty with operational functions.



It is precisely this conservation method that makes the inimitable wines of Poggio del Moro: their fresh aroma and long aftertaste tell a unique story, which escapes homologation.
That’s why – now over ten years ago – the current property has decided to renovate and modernize the winery that, at the time of the Bonci Casuccine family, was located in a simple building for agricultural use. Not doing it would have been a kind of crime: so, today, Poggio del Moro is equipped with a model cellar, a source of inspiration and pride.