Tomato sauce

1350  vat included

Ingredients: cherry tomatoes, salt, olive oil.

An organic tomato paste made from the most delicious cherry tomatoes!

The healthiest and most savory cherry tomatoes thrive under the warm Tuscan sun in the fields of Poggio del Moro, obtaining a silky textured skin and succulent, juicy, appetizing pulp. All that due to the neighbouring gardens of other fruits and vegetables, which contribute to such distinct, unique taste and aroma. We ought not to disturb this chef d’oeuvreof Nature, but focus on the right care.
The best, selected «chillengini» cherry tomatoes turn into our famous, most definitely and rightfully enjoyable tomato paste just a few hours after the harvest! The secret – is in the symbiosis of the particular sort tomatoes and our exceptional, one of a kind olive oil, a pinch of salt acting just as a natural preservative.

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