Kagor vino liquoroso

Exceptional Loyalty To Russian Traditions And Outstanding Quality!

Our «KAGOR» is manufactured honouring the original Russian recipe, respecting the worldly recognized high quality standards. It is created with Sangiovese, Merlo, Caubernet Sauvignon and Syrah grapes harvested specifically in the end of October, when the amount of natural sugar – fructose in the berries reaches its maximum.
«KAGOR» is fermented in large oak vats, which build up the beverage’s fruity bitter-sweet taste. Its deep, Tyrian purple colour fascinates and dazes. This liquory red wine displays a full, thick, dense body, a gentle tart sweetness with notes of cherrystone and wild berries in the palate, revealing a very homely, warm mouthfeel. Goes perfectly with dessert, pleasantly surprising even the most sophisticated wine experts, who might be sceptical of any experiments with the beloved drink.

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