Bianco Toscana I.G.P.

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Wind: East, in the direction of the vine rows, nestled amongst the Tuscan hills. This location offers a fantastic view and allows all the berries to receive the same amount of sunlight.
Description: Sparkling gold and summery yellow, this wine invites to taste its intense, enduring bouquet of field flowers, as chamomile, and fruits, as plum, melon and pear, hinted with a pleasant citrusy twist.
Taste: A vibrant, middle-bodied wine, enduring in its refreshing acidity and delightful, fruity&floral taste, that corresponds perfectly with the ensorcelling, aromatic bouquet
Compliments: Fresh cheese, sea food and white meat.

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Summer in a bottle!

BIANCO TOSCANA I.G.P. – as a quintessence of the four elements: Classico Toscano, Trebbiano, Grechetto and Malvasia grapes forms a bright, mesmerizing fantasy. Look at the calmly swaying ears of wheat on a cloudless, sunlit evening – this is its colour. Smell the fresh, crisp sweetness of the plum trees, pear and melon from a tiny god-forgotten garden somewhere in an Italian province – this is its scent. Feel the manifold, mirthful bouquet of wildflowers and herbs tickle your tongue in a joyous, light-hearted reverie– this is its taste, that lingers in the palate, sparkling with lemon and orange blossoming trees.
A peaceful, exhilarating utopia from the heart of Tuscany, BIANCO TOSCANA I.G.P. – your best companion on an aperetif, when enjoying seafood or cheese.