Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our best extra-virgin olive oil

Not only wine!
Not only wine! The Poggio del Moro hosts a complex ecosystem that, today, allows us to offer you our best extra-virgin olive oil. We hand pick our best olives, wash and cold-squeeze them within the period of 2 hours. Then the oil is decanted (just like wine), until it becomes perfectly full-bodied and round – ready to steal the show of show of your meal. Experience this product from our gourmet collection: a healthy and sophisticated choice!

At Poggio del Moro: what you see is what you get – a principle that we stick to in all aspects, when creating our gourmet delights, especially olive oil. We carefully collect, wash and squeeze olives, allowing the resulting juice to freely decant, obraining its own rounded, unique flavour. Minimal human interferance, all with respect for the local ecosystem. Such approach guarantees an extra virgin oil of exquisite quality with an intense and complex aroma – for the best dining experiences!.

The délice that is our olive harvest

The smell of dried fruit and the nostalgic aroma of freshly cut grass
Every year the olive trees surrounding our vineyards surprise us with the délice that is our olive harvest! Although Poggio del Moro extra virgin olive, has been awarded many important prizes for its recognized superior quality, YOU – consistently choosing it as an indispensable complement of your meals, remain greatest gratification of all. Try it in every fantasy combination, from fish to salads, from meat to cold dishes to unravel the full flavor potential of your meal.

What story does the Poggio del Moro olive oil tell us? One about the intense breath of olive trees, the smell of dried fruit and the nostalgic aroma of freshly cut grass. Its color, however, speaks of the perfect match between lemon and lime, while the taste has an eloquent, yet balanced, amount of spice. Did you want to taste it?

The taste

Polyphenols and tocopherols
A persistent and sublime aftertaste: the spice strength, caressesing the palate, the purity of colors, pleasing the eye, and the goodness of dried fruit – a delight for the tongue. This is just a snapshot of Poggio del Moro extra virgin olive oil, you perfect meal ally, whether it is a classic Tuscan bruschetta or a haute cuisine masterpiece. Our gourmet olive oil is the ideal answer to the need to exalt every food’s flavour to maximum!

The benefits of extra virgin olive oil are mainly linked to polyphenols and tocopherols - substances with a high antioxidant power, that helps to prevent important pathologies of the body, as well as displaying anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities. In addition, the extra virgin olive oil produced by Poggio del Moro is also extremely tasty! This is why it earns the right to be a part of our gourmet collection: its persistent and sublime flavor is ideal to accompany your dishes!