Valentine’s Day is the party of lovers.

But are we really sure that it must necessarily refer to love for another person?

We’ve been asking for this for a while, and the more we ask, the more we realize that this feeling can really be declined in many different forms.
In fact, at Poggio del Moro, we celebrate love – the real one – every day.

The love for our land and for the vines that rise as far as the eye can see, for hectares and hectares.
The love for the wines that they give us every year and that make us so proud of the profuse commitment.
The love for a territory and for an environment that represent the perfect synthesis of authentic Tuscany.
In short, therefore, the love for the art of making wine: a feeling that we like to share with you.
On Valentine’s Day and every other day of the year.

The Anglo-Saxon expression that describes falling in love is “To fall in love”. Literally, “Fall in love”. And we, with wine, are really happy to fall!

More: thanks to your heat we swim daily in a sea of ​​love. You often tell us, always with beautiful words, that our wines inspire your life in many ways, because they preserve an ancient, artistic and romantic soul. Here: without your constant appreciation for the work we do, our love would only be expressed in half. Fortunately, however, you love and understand more and more the choice of “instilling life” in every single bottle: the love of you, consumers for Poggio del Moro products, comes back to us like a wave that envelops us with hundreds of hugs different.

For this reason, on the day of the holiday of lovers, we offer you our best wish: to continue to love the things you really like,

celebrating them once a year, but protecting them every day.

The wines of Poggio del Moro will also be with you on this occasion:

on the laid tables, behind the smiles of those who exchange promises for the first time, before the eyes of those who renew important purposes.

Moreover, we are healthy carriers of happiness and cheerfulness, the beloved companions of love.


Enjoy Valentino’s Day!